Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hehe, forgot

Yeah, so I kinda "forgot" to blog these past days... not because they were terrible, I was just lazy :P
So yesterday I was thinking a lot, I'm moving back to my parents, they are tiny bit better than living alone with my grandmother. And I think I know how to keep "happy" and/or "focused". I feel like when I eat I am destroying something I've been working on. So that is my contemporary (.. probably not using this word in the right context, but I hope you know what I mean) purpose, just to get thin. You may have noticed my "goal weights" at the bottom of this page. Well, they are helping me, and I think what I can do now is just think how to get there, just think about one goal at a time so I won't go crazy hehe :P

I almost fasted all of last weekend, my sister asked me if I had anorexia or wanted to get anorexia... just because I hadn't had breakfast and she kept trying to smell my breath to check if I had that "empty-stomach-breath" and she was just wraarg she's too annoying. I really dislike my family and relatives :S

I don't know though if I'll keep this blog up much :P Might put something in here occasionally. Otherwise you can find me on under beginnerana =)

Oh and btw, just bought this for my Ibiza trip in may, it's like 4-5 numbers too small, but I'll look so good once I get there...

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