Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I don't know what to do really. I keep making up new and new plans. And never stick to them. So I need a simple plan, or an easy plan. But the thing is lifestyle change. I never thought of that, I just thought diets diets diets and it has just got me in a worse place, a typical yo-yo case here.

Setting too high goals has always been my issue, I think loosing 10kg in a month is just the simplest thing ever because I did it once or twice a while back. But it is really tempting to set a goal to be under 70kg in 2011.

Maybe I should start with that one goal? No matter how I get there, I know what to do, eat less and exercise more. I should keep that on my mind.

Keep it on my mind at all times? Keep it on my mind, keep it keep it keep it on my mind.

Before 2011 I have a goal to be under 70kg.

Now I know this is a really really big goal, but I set it anyway? And I know I'm gonna have a Domino's pizza binge soon. So why do I keep that goal? Because I believe so strongly in myself? Loosing 10kg over the Christmas Holidays is not something everyone does. But I'm going to try to avoid all the cookies, I don't even like them that much, also all the puddings, they're too creamy and fatty. At least I'm going to try to skip the sweet stuff.

What to do with cravings :S? Erm girl, you have a fridge full of klementines and kiwis, try having one of them once in a while instead of toast or some icky bread.

Water is your friend.


  1. You can do anything you set your mind to =) Just do it!!

    Also my account got hacked so I have created a new on e if you are interested I'm looking for support and giving it!! It's a breathe of fresh air!! FUN, BRIGHT and POSITIVE =)

  2. Oh always =) what is your new account?

    And thanks for the comment =)